Along My Walk

I’m a walker. Most days I do a fast 4-6 mile walk for exercise. Generally I oppose the practice of multi-tasking, but during my walks I listen to books and podcasts in addition to enjoying the natural beauty along the Potomac River. Unifying my values and interests into an integrated lifestyle is important to me so I tend to listen podcasts about conscious consumerism, ethical manufacturing and environmental sustainability. Today I listened to a great discussion between Clare Press of “Wardrobe Crisis” and the zero waste advocate, Joost Bakker. It’s definitely worth a listen during your workout or commute.

I also discovered a new plant. Since I’ve lived in urban areas most of my life and I don’t have a green thumb, I use an app called PlantSnap to help me identify things. Below is a picture of Pachystachys Lutea, commonly called Lollipop Plant. Apparently it’s a popular landscape plant in sub-tropical and tropical areas, but here it is thriving in the Mid-Atlantic.

Pamela Viola