Standing the test of time and rocking the little black dress.

I mentioned in my last post that I don’t like shopping for clothing. Consequently, I have some clothes that are pretty old. Thankfully my taste is classic and a bit minimalist so there are few trendy or outdated items in my closet.

On my way to a party last weekend I realized that the dress I was wearing, a classic black linen sheath, was over 20 years old. It fit a little more snugly than it had 20 years ago (sigh), but it still looked terrific! In fact, I was told several times that “I was rocking that little black dress.” The timeless shape of the dress had stood the test of time, and because I could still fit into it I guess I had too.

In the United States, 10.46 million tons of used textile waste ends up in landfills each year. This amount has doubled in the last 20 years. My 20 year old dress is still serving me well. I urge you to be mindful in selecting new garments and hang on to those classics that still make you feel good. Repair, reuse, repurpose.

Repair, reuse, repurpose that little black dress.

Repair, reuse, repurpose that little black dress.

Pamela Viola