The Conscious Closet

I haven’t purchased a new or second-hand article of clothing in almost a year. Instead I’ve been educating myself on the environmental and social impact of the textile and garment manufacturing processes. In these industries there is a critical need to move from a linear to a circular economy.

There is much to learn. Did you know that unless a textile is made from 100% of a single material such as cotton, silk, wool, even polyester it can’t be recycled into a new product? Make sure you look for garments made from 100% of your chosen material.

While on my walk today I listened to a discussion with Elizabeth Cline on the Pre-Loved Podcast. I’ve put Elizabeth’s new book, “The Conscious Closet” on my reading list and I’m looking forward to hearing her speak later this month at a conference in DC, Unveiling Fashion: Textiles, Design, and the New Circular Economy.

linear versus circular economy

linear versus circular economy

Pamela Viola